Honda radio codes allow you to unlock navigation and audio devices on your Honda vehicle after a dead battery or theft attempt. You need the radio codes in order to get these features up and running again. Find out more below, our browse our inventory of large family cars like the Honda Odyssey for sale at Palladino Honda near Sturgeon Falls to start getting ready for your next trip!

How to Access Your Honda Radio Codes

The glove box. You may be able to find your radio code on a sticker inside the glovebox–some models have this feature. If you see a sticker labeled “Anti-Theft Radio Code,” enter the code on the preset radio buttons to resume function.

If you do not have this sticker, you can access your code either online, via phone, or at your local Honda dealership service centre. Some things you’ll need in order to be granted access to the codes for Honda radio and navigation devices:

  • VIN Number
  • Device Serial Number
  • Proof of Ownership