Buying New vs. Used Cars: Which is Better?

New Honda Civic

Buying new vs. used cars: which is better? The answer really depends on your budget and needs. There are advantages to purchasing both new cars and used cars, so explore your options with Palladino Honda.

Buying a New Car

There is nothing quite like that new car smell, but what are the real advantages that come with buying a new car?

  • Clean History: When you are buying a new car, you are getting a vehicle free from any wear and tear. Many also come with a warranty that helps protects you if something unexpected happens.
  • Latest Features: If you want hi-tech features like smartphone integration and a suite driver assist features, then a new car is usually going to offer more.
  • Better Mileage: New vehicles tend to burn less fuel than older models, especially as technologies advance. A newer model might cost you more upfront, but save you in the long run in trips to the pump.
  • Customization: When buying a new car, you get to personalize it to meet your needs, and end up with exactly what you want. You can have fun deciding on everything from trim level to exterior color and features.  

Buying Used Cars

Whether you are looking for used Honda models or a different brand, you can find plenty of benefits in buying used cars:

  • Lower Costs: One of the main advantages of buying used cars, is that it can save you quite a bit of money.  You’ll enjoy lower monthly payments, lower insurance costs, and could avoid paying a large chunk of cash for sales tax.
  • Decreased Depreciation: New vehicles take a huge hit in depreciation the moment you drive off the lot. A used model avoids that steep depreciation period and helps you avoid that cost.
  • More Choices: You can find a variety of used cars for sale in different makes and models that fit your budget. This can give you the change to get behind the wheel of a model you might not be able to afford at a new price tag.
  • Decent Reliability: Buying used cars isn’t the gamble it used to be. Thanks to updated technology, today’s used models can often go hundreds of thousands of mile if properly maintained. If you need more peace of mind, you can also opt for a certified pre-owned model, which has passed a rigorous inspection and comes with a warranty.

Find New and Used Cars For Sale at Palladino Honda

Whether you are looking at new cars, like new Honda models, or used cars for sale in Greater Sudbury, you can find then at Palladino Honda. We are one of the used cars dealerships you can trust, with a deep commitment to customer satisfaction and excellent customer reviews!

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