How to Change Your Honda Key Battery

Don’t let a dead key battery ruin your day or deter you from visiting museums near Elliot Lake for the day. Instead, learn how to change your Honda key battery for those instances when you’re in a rush and need to get into your car! Find out how with Palladino Honda!

Key Fob Battery

Selecting the correct battery for your Honda key fob – and even having a couple of extra on hand – is important to successfully change your Honda key battery. Most Honda models use a 3-volt battery, which can be purchased at most hardware stores in the Greater Sudbury Area area. Otherwise, head to Palladino Honda to check out our parts department. We will definitely have them in stock!

Steps to Change Your Honda Key Battery

Once you have the battery on hand, changing your Honda key battery is simple if you follow these steps.

Release the metal key from within your fob, and slide it out.
Use the key to pry open the key fob. To do so, wedge it into the slot at the top and twist, which should pop it open. A flathead screwdriver also works.
Keep your key fob together by pressing your thumb down right above the battery. With your other hand, pry the battery out and replace it with the new one.
Press the two sides of the key fob back together, waiting until it snaps back into place.
Some key fobs do not have a metal key. In these cases, a small flathead screwdriver will be necessary to take the two pieces of the key fob apart.

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