Lending Solutions

Palladino Lending Solutions is here to help!

According to Statistics Canada, nearly 40% of car purchases are not approved by major banks. With thousands of customers served, Palladino Auto Group is quickly becoming a prominent leader in providing car loans to those with credit challenges. No matter the circumstance, whether it is a divorce, bankruptcy, illness, loss of job, or simply falling upon tough times, Palladino Auto Group is here to help with Palladino Lending Solutions.

Palladino Lending Solutions understands that it can be difficult to get approved for financing or leasing when buying a vehicle. We are a group that finds a solution for all car buyers, no matter what their credit challenges are – and we help you to build your credit in the process!


  • Mission: to work collaboratively with our clients to assist with the purchase of a vehicle, no matter their credit history.
  • Values: integrity, honesty, commitment, transparency.

DID YOU KNOW: Just two late payments on your credit card or cell phone bill can lower your credit score! We recommend making automatic payments to keep you organized and never late!


Is Palladino Lending Solutions right for me?
Yes! Palladino Lending Solutions is right for everyone! We match affordability with the right car, making your car shopping experience a great one.
No matter your credit situation, good or bad, everyone can benefit from Palladino Lending Solution’s credit specialists. We work with key industry partners to ensure that everyone’s needs are met.
  • Access to thousands of new and used vehicles.
  • Expert financial advice to you increase your credit score.
  • Access to any and all of our service locations.