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Vehicle Financing at Palladino Lending Solutions

The motto at Palladino Honda is “two names you can trust”, and that’s never been more true than thanks to the financing experts at Palladino Lending Solutions. Regardless of your credit history, the team at Palladino Lending Solutions is there to help you get behind the wheel of the vehicle you want, at a price you can afford, while helping you rebuild your credit! So whether you’re looking for a reliable new Honda or one of the quality vehicles in our pre-owned inventory, let Palladino Lending Solutions help make it a reality! Just read on to learn more about all the different ways we can find solutions to your credit concerns.

Ontario’s Vehicle Finance Experts

Made up of the best and brightest minds in vehicle financing, the Palladino Auto Group’s Palladino Lending Solutions is the first name you need to know when it comes to improving your credit. No matter what your current credit score or financial situation is, our team will stop at nothing to help find you the vehicle you want at an affordable rate—while also helping you to rebuild your credit. With a wealth of industry experience, access to 11 different dealerships, and our Return To Prime program, it’s no wonder we’re Ontario’s vehicle finance experts.

Return To Prime

Financial difficulties can impact us all, but unfortunate circumstances shouldn’t hold you back from future purchases or rebuilding your credit score. While many dealerships are quick to announce that they’ll approve anyone—including those with subprime credit—it often comes with sky-high interest rates attached. This creates a bit of a vicious cycle, where you struggle to pay the high monthly cost of a vehicle and risk slipping behind in your payments. Not only does the team at Palladino Lending Solutions work to ensure you’re getting a rate that works for your budget, but we also reward you for making payments on time with our Return To Prime program. 

As long as you make your payments on time we will restructure your financing to lower the interest rate year-over-year, so that you can reap the benefits of your improving credit. A truly one-of-a-kind opportunity in our industry, our Return To Prime program will help you rebuild your credit score as well as save money on your payments just a year into your vehicle loan!

Referral Program

Beyond our Return To Prime program, or finding you a great rate, Palladino Lending Solutions offers yet another way for you to improve your financial situation: our vehicle purchasing referral program. Simply refer someone to Palladino Lending Solutions—whether it be a friend, family member, co-worker, anyone really—and if they purchase a vehicle you’ll score up to $500 in cash for sending them our way! While we’re confident that you’ll happily recommend the Palladino Lending Solutions team after experiencing our work firsthand, we know that putting a bit of money back into your hands is a welcome incentive. Just ask a member of the Palladino Lending Solutions team for more information on how you can cash in by sending your loved ones to us! 

Learn More About Vehicle Financing

It’s easy for dealerships and finance companies to tell you that they’re honest and trustworthy, but it’s another thing for them to prove it. Here at Palladino Lending Solutions we believe that arming you with knowledge is the best way to build that trust and rapport with our clients, which is why our website has a blog and FAQ page that breaks down everything from finance-related terms to what you can expect when financing a vehicle. Do your research and come shop confidently, thanks to the transparent practises of Palladino Lending Solutions!

While the Honda brand has provided the world with reliable vehicles since 1959, the Palladino Auto Group has been serving communities across Ontario for almost 50 years. Combined, they make up two names you can trust, and now you can trust Palladino Lending Solutions to help find you solutions to all of your credit problems. From helping you rebuild your credit score with our Return To Prime program, to literally putting cash in your hands, Palladino Lending Solutions is here to help you solve your credit issues while getting you behind the wheel of a new vehicle. To learn more, or to apply for financing today, simply visit Palladino Lending Solutions through the link below and get back on the road to great credit!